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Other Helpful Programs

 If you need assistance with utility bills, odds are you can use some help in some other areas as well. Below we have put together some programs we thought we thought would be of help. Note: all links open in a new window.

Help with dental care:

    Dental care is important, and with many government and employer cut backs, getting the dental care you and your family need can be more expensive than ever! Even if you do sign up with an insurance carrier, many policies require a 6 month waiting period before benefits begin. Dental care is a part of health care, and therefore non-negotiable. So here are our methods for getting free dental care:
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Help with Childcare:

    Prices are rising all over the place lately, and that includes the cost of daycare. Daycare is not necessary for everyone, but many families require care for their children during the day, especially if both parents have to work. It may seem pointless for some families because the job of one parent may only make enough money to cover the cost of child care. It can almost seem like you are working solely just to pay someone else to watch your child.
    But, like many things, you can get child care for free! There are several ways that you can do this. Some ways may not work for everyone, but if you really are trying to find free daycare, you will eventually be able to find it.
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Help getting your child into private school:

    It is painfully obvious to everyone by now that it is time to get all of our kids out of the government schools. The public school system in the United States has been dramatically declining for a long time, and in most areas of the country the public schools are open sewers at this point. Yes, there are some U.S. public schools that are still very good and that do a decent job of preparing our young people for their adult lives, but those good schools are few and far between. So what can you do if you if you don't have money for a private school? Here we have put together How to get your child out of public school, without hurting your wallet.
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Help with Educational and Business Grants:

   Most of us have dream projects that we would love to get started if only. If only we had the funding! While grants will not solve all your financial problems, you can use them to get a project underway, or to help after a financial disaster. Best of all you can now do all of your applications online now! There are basically three categories of grants: Grants for education, for people who want to return to school, Grants to start a business, for those who have a good business idea, and Grants for low income, those who have extreme temporary financial need. Do you fit in one of these categories? Read on to see how grants can give you a boost!
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Grants to buy a house:

First-time home buyers often cite the lack of down payment money as the biggest obstacle to making the transition from renter to homeowner. But these buyers may be missing an opportunity to receive down payment assistance. If you meet some basic criteria, there are many areas where you can qualify for down payment assistance (DPA) and/or some grants that you can use to cover part or, sometimes, up to 100% of your down payment without the need that you come up with the money. These programs are available all over the country and in all different levels of the government: Cities, counties, states and federal. We put together the information to show you how it's done.


 Utility bill Assistance

We all have bills to pay every month. With the low economy and recession in today's world, most of us could use extra help. Electricity and gas are necessary for heating, cooking, daily cleaning and bathing. Telephones are a must for most of us too, especially the disabled. Water and rent are necessities. We need water to clean the house, take baths or showers, and for drinking. Rent is a necessity since we need a roof over our head. Good thing there is help for the things we really need to get by. Here is how to get the help you need.




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